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Hello and welcome to our Homepage ! We hope that you enjoy the time in guild. We hope you enjoy checking through our website.

If you have questions or suggestions just write a message to us or leave a comment in our Forum.

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Regular Server Maintenance Jan. 19th, 2017

* Details *

1) D`evah Change entry NPC
-[Tombstone of one adventurer] changed to [D`evah of tower gate of sealed] The location is the same

2) New UI function added
– Some of the UI leaks are improved.
– When using some skills, the screen pause is improved.
– Increase in postal limit letters (change to 250 letters)
– Changed some interfaces not closed with ESC key.
– Increase store setup convenience (item count window enhanced keyboard handling)
– Experience number font size increased
No longer supporting old UI so strongly recommeded to use the new UI.

3) First buy item! One More event
– event item will be sent on Jan. 19th, 2017

4) Warrior! Weโ€™re the one!? event items will be deleted.

Thanks for playing Kalonline,

2017 Topic Giveaway Event

Start: Monday 16.01.2017 0:00

End: Sunday 22.01.2017 23:59

Rules: Post something below in comments and cross ur finger.

On Monday 23.01.2017 a system will choose the first 3 winner ๐Ÿ™‚

You can win some KC items

Enjoy <3

2 new Guildevents!

On Monday we will start with our first little “Post here and win” Event. Easy rules ๐Ÿ™‚ I will just open a post here and u have to write something as comment. A system gonna choose 3 Winner!

Another Event will come during the week ๐Ÿ™‚ More info later about it !

New Year – New Begin

Hey guys,

first of all i wish everyone of you a happy new year. I hope you enjoyed christmas and got on a great way into the new year.

I know the guild is abit dead at the moment. This was also my faultย cuz i didnt rly have alot time past weeks and my motivation was abit down.

But i wanted to take the start of a new year also for a new start for guild. I hope everyone of you gonna help as good as they can do. Even just staying in guild and lvling abit or playing pvp will help.

On Monday i will start with some nice events for you guys. So we will keep the fun abit up in guild. I wish i could help you also with lvling but as a nub MA i cant even rly help myself with lvling. But im thinking of a way to help you even with lvling.

When you have any wishes or suggestions or what ever just tell me.

Thanks for your attention <3